Ercan Airport Car Rental

EuroDrive Cyprus Ercan Airport Car Rental

In Cyprus, one of the most magnificent islands of the Mediterranean, it is very important to rent a car to travel freely. Eurodrive Rent a Car provides Cyprus Ercan Airport car rental service.

Established in 2014, Eurodrive Rent a Car provides the highest quality service to its individual and commercial customers. It is part of DMG, the largest tourism group company in Northern Cyprus. You can take advantage of early booking opportunities to discover the unique beauties of Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus Ercan Airport Car Rental

You can choose Eurodrive Rent a Car to rent a car in hotels, airport and city center and to discover the natural beauties of Cyprus. By getting Ercan Airport car rental service, you can have a pleasant and comfortable vacation at affordable prices. Moreover, you only need a driving license to get a car rental service.

If you want to spend a comfortable and luxurious vacation when you arrive at Ercan Airport, car rental service is ideal for you. Ercan Airport car rental service will be the right choice for you with its affordable price and quality vehicle options.

You can take advantage of early booking opportunities at the car rental company and get this service at affordable prices. If there is a change in your holiday plans, it is also possible to cancel your reservation free of charge. You can be flexible in this respect.

How to Rent a Car at Ercan Airport in Cyprus?

Getting a car rental service while exploring Cyprus is an economical and right choice. But first of all, it is important to know the car rental conditions.

Moreover, only people over the age of 25 can rent a car. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey, who come to Cyprus as tourists, can get car rental services with a driver's license. Since all the cars in Cyprus are right-hand drive, the cars you will rent have the right-hand drive. By law, there are no left-hand drive cars in Cyprus.

The minimum duration of the car rental service is three days. However, if you want to get one or two-day rental service, a discount is made on the three-day rental fee.

You can pay the car rental fee with cash or credit card, commission-free. Different payment options offer you flexible options on vacation.

It is important that you return the car with a quarter tank of fuel when delivering it. Because our company does not pay any fee for fuel refund.

Cyprus has a fixed camera speed control radar system. In case you get a traffic ticket while driving a rental car, we send a copy of your contract to the police and the immigration police will collect the fine from you when you re-enter Cyprus. Therefore, all traffic fines after renting the car are under the responsibility of the driver whose name is written in the rental contract.

Only the person who will drive the car should take the rental car. In case of an accident, if the person driving the car is not the person whose name is written in the rental contract, the car will be out of the insurance coverage and all responsibility will be on the person whose name is written in the rental contract.

Thanks to the car hire Cyprus Airport service, you can experience unforgettable moments in this unique island of the Mediterranean.

What are the Required Documents to Rent a Car?

There are some conditions for car rental Ercan Airport. People over 25 years old can get car rental service with their identity document, passport and driver's license.

Who Can Hire a Car at Ercan Airport in Cyprus?

You must be over 25 years old to get the car hire Ercan Airport North Cyprus. You must have an identity card, passport and driver's license.

Where to Pick Up the Rental Car at Ercan Airport in Cyprus?

Tourists visiting Cyprus should inform us of their name, surname, flight information and contact numbers via phone or e-mail. This way you can book early. In line with this information, we greet you at the arrivals section of the airport and deliver your car, which is waiting in the parking lot, to you after making the rental contract. Thus, you can easily get car rental Cyprus.

Car Rental Prices at Ercan Airport in Cyprus

At Eurodrive Rent A Car, you can rent cars in different classes that suit your needs. Car rental prices vary according to the model of the car you choose, the year it was produced, its class, and the number of days you will rent it.

What is car rental fee at Ercan Airport in Cyprus?

After arriving in Cyprus, you must sign the car rental agreement. Then, when you receive the vehicle, you can pay with cash or credit card. Prices are determined according to the class, model and number of days you rented the car you rented.

How many days can a vehicle be rented at Ercan Airport in Cyprus?

You can rent a car for a minimum of 3 days at Ercan Airport. If you want to rent a car for 1 day or 2 days, you will pay a 3-day car rental fee.

Are rental cars provided with a full tank of fuel?

Cars are generally delivered with a quarter tank of fuel and are taken back in the same way. If you want to get a full tank fuel of the car you rented, you must inform us beforehand. Fuel fee is collected from you at the time of car hire Ercan Airport.

Are rental cars insured in Cyprus?

All vehicles are full insurance but exempt.

Are diesel vehicles available at Ercan Airport in Cyprus?

Only family class and luxury class vehicles are diesel cars. Except for these cars, all our other vehicles run on fuel.

Is it possible to hire a cheap car at Ercan Airport?

Eurodrive Rent a Car has vehicles for every budget. There are various options from economy car rental options to luxury car rental options.

What is the cheapest rental car at Ercan Airport?

Ford Fiesta, Nissan Note, Nissan March and Suzuki Swift cars in our fleet are our most economical automatic transmission vehicles.

Child seats for your car rental

Families coming to Cyprus on holiday want a baby seat when renting a car. A child seat is also provided when renting a car for families who want to spend their holidays comfortably.

Luxury VIP Car Hire at Ercan Airport North Cyprus

Eurodrive Rent a Car has many options, from economy cars to luxury cars, large SUVs and compact cars. Passengers arriving at Ercan Airport can receive their luxury VIP cars after the car rental contract.

How is the rental car delivered?

Delivering your rental car is a very easy process. At the end of the rental period, you can deliver the vehicle to the address you want. You do not need to pay extra for this.

What happens if the rental car is returned late?

If you need to deliver the car late, you should definitely contact Eurodrive company. This way you can find a solution to this problem.

Best Car rental companies in North Cyprus

Eurodrive, the most reliable rent a car company, offers you a high quality and superior service. You can take advantage of early car rental opportunities to discover the magnificent historical and natural beauties of Cyprus.

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