Frequently Asked Questions About Cyprus Car Rental

Yes, we deliver free of charge for Kyrenia, but our transfer fee for Famagusta is 50£ and for Ercan airport it is 35£.
Ford Fiesta, Nissan Note, Nissan March and Suzuki Swift vehicles in our fleet are the most suitable automatic transmission vehicles.
When you arrive in Cyprus, sign the car rental agreement and take delivery of the car, you make the payment with cash or credit card.
No, only car rental fee is charged, no blockage or authorization is applied to your credit card.
Yes. You must be over 25 years old.
After we deliver the vehicle, we do not think to understand money, since tax and insurance are paid in cash on the same day. Likewise, there is no fuel consumption.
Vehicles are generally delivered with a quarter tank of gasoline and are taken back in the same way. If you would like to receive full fuel, a
Will I need a reservation ? Yes, suggest making a reservation. Thus, when you come to Cyprus, the vehicle you want will be ready in the past and will not waste time.
No. Only the person whose name is written in the rental agreement or the rental persons can use the vehicle. If someone other than these people uses it, the vehicle will be out of the insurance coverage and all commitments will be written on the rental contract.
Only our family class and luxury class vehicles are diesel. It cleans the radios, all our other vehicles run on gasoline.
Yes. Thanks to our Mobile Pos Device, you can pay by credit card wherever you are during vehicle delivery.
Yes. Turkish driver's license and foreign country driver's licenses are valid for the duration of the visa given at the entrance to the TRNC. Do You Provide Transfer Service? Yes. After the destination information is given, you will be informed within 24 hours at the latest.
We have this service, but please contact our offices or reservations department for availability and information.
You can use your Turkcell and Vodafone lines, which are the other two operators other than Avea, in Cyprus. You can also use your Avea line via Turkcell or Vodafone. However, in order to use Turkish lines in Cyprus, your line must be open for international use.
Yes. All our vehicles are full insurance but exempt. You can find detailed information about the insurance conditions in the "Lease Conditions" section.
Yes. We discount our prices according to the number of days. You can get detailed information about this subject from the reservation department.
All rental cars in Cyprus are right hand drive. We recommend our customers who think that they will have difficulty in driving a right-hand drive, to rent from our automatic transmission rental cars.
The minimum car rental period in Northern Cyprus is 3 days. Our customers who want to rent a car for 1 or 2 days can rent it provided that they pay the 3-day fee.
No. Since your vehicle is kept in the parking lot allocated for rental vehicles, you will not pay any fees.
Yes. You can pick up the vehicle anywhere and leave it at the airport on the way back. You can also pick it up from the airport and deliver it to another address.
We meet you at the arrivals section of the airport with the flight information you have given us in advance, and we deliver your vehicle waiting in the parking lot to you after signing the rental agreement. Keeping your mobile phone on after you get off the plane will be beneficial for meeting.
It will be sufficient for you to give us your name, surname, flight details and contact number by phone or e-mail. Your credit card details are not required at the time of booking.
No, during car rental, only the car rental fee that we have agreed before is taken from you.
Yes, we have a mail order system. If you want to make a payment before coming to the TRNC, the necessary "mail order form" will be sent to you if you inform us in advance.
Our vehicles are 2015-2018 models. All vehicles from economy class to SUV and luxury class are available in our fleet.
Yes, if you have a request in this direction, please inform us in advance, we can install it on the vehicle free of charge.
Providing your name, surname, flight details, driver's license information, and contact number via phone or email will suffice to make a reservation. Your credit card details are not necessary for the reservation.
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