Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy page of Cyprus car rental company EuroDrive Rent a Car.


You may request personal data (your name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) through the forms on the website www.eurodrivecyprus.com belonging to Destination Management Group (DMG). This personal information will be used in cases where you need to be contacted after making your reservation. This information may also be used to send you e-mails and press releases, printed publications and correspondence. This personal information is not rented, sold or made available to third parties by Destination Management Group (DMG).


Destination Management Group (DMG)’s website www.eurodrivecyprus.com uses identification information called cookies. When you enter a website, the symbol that the server gives to your browser is called a cookie. Cookies can store a wide variety of data types. Cookies increase the functionality of a site and help us analyze your use of the site more accurately. Cookies never collect personal information without your explicit consent.

Destination Management Group (DMG) statistically tracks site visits, the total number of visits, the number of visitors to each page of the site, and the domain names of visitors' Internet service providers through its website www.eurodrivecyprus.com. No personal information is used in this process. In addition, your IP address is recorded when you visit our site. This address only identifies your Internet Service Provider and does not contain any data regarding your personal information.

Payment Security

Data security technology called SSL is used in your car rental transactions through www.eurodrivecyprus.com.Your credit card information is never stored in any environment and is transmitted directly to your bank for approval.

Before receiving car rental service from EuroDrive Rent a Car, we recommend you to take a look at our rental terms and frequently asked question pages.

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