Bellapais Monastery

Bellapais Monastery: Its Story and History

Let's talk about the story of Bellapais Monastery, one of the mysterious corners of Northern Cyprus. This historic building is peaceful and beautiful as if it has transcended time.

Bellapais Monastery is an impressive example of Gothic architecture built in the 13th century. The silence between the monastery's walls seems to carry the spirit of the past to the present. Every corner of the monastery whispers a story to its visitors.

As you walk through the monastery's courtyard, you can almost hear the footsteps of the Lusignan knights. Their stories are hidden in the monastery's stones, home to many civilisations throughout history.

Bellapais Monastery: Where is it located?

Where is Bellapais Monastery

We do not doubt that you are keen on visiting the Bellapais Monastery in Northern Cyprus. This historical wonder is within a short drive from Kyrenia city center. Girne Bellapais Monastery is considered one of the best-preserved Gothic buildings on the island and offers visitors a journey through time.

The monastery impresses its visitors not only with its architecture but also with its magnificent nature. From the terraces of Bellapais Monastery Cyprus', you can witness the unique view of Kyrenia and dive into the blues of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are an art and history lover, the answer to where Bellapais Monastery is will excite you.

How to Get to Bellapais Monastery?

How to Get to Bellapais Monastery

If you are also wondering, "Where is Bellapais Monastery?" The answer is in Bellapais village, which has magnificent views of Kyrenia!

Bellapais Monastery Northern Cyprus is very easy to reach. You can reach this historical place in a short time with the minibuses departing from Kyrenia city center or with your private car. The road to the monastery is surrounded by olive trees and the unique nature of the Mediterranean so that you won't believe your eyes during the journey.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by Bellapais Monastery Cyprus, one of the rarest examples of Gothic architecture. When you find the answer to the question "Where is Bellapais Monastery?", you will be on a journey intertwined with history. As you walk through the courtyard of the monastery, you will feel that you have taken a step into the depths of history.

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The Story of Bellapais Monastery

The Story of Bellapais Monastery

The stone walls of Bellapais Monastery whisper the stories of the Lusignan knights. These stories continue to live on in every corner and every stone of the monastery. Cyprus Bellapais Monastery is located in the north of the island, in the peaceful village of Bellapais in Kyrenia. The monastery's postcard-perfect view makes its visitors dizzy. As you wander through the gardens of Bellapais Monastery Cyprus, you will take a journey into the depths of history. Your steps echoing in the courtyard of the monastery mingle with the sounds of the past. Girne Bellapais Monastery is considered one of the rarest examples of Gothic architecture. The monastery's high arches, fine craftsmanship and details take visitors back to medieval times. Cyprus Bellapais Monastery's concerts and events transform this historic place into a cultural center.

Entrance Fee to Bellapais Monastery

How much is the entrance fee to Bellapais Monastery to see these beauties? The answer is very simple: Just a few Euros for adults! Yes, you heard right, you won't have to break the bank to explore this historical wonder.

Visiting Bellapais Monastery Cyprus is one of the best ways to experience the rich history and culture of Cyprus. The peaceful atmosphere of the monastery, its Gothic architecture and the natural beauty of its surroundings will give you unforgettable moments. For an entrance feeBellapais Monastery, you can visit not only the monastery but also the surrounding gardens and galleries. This historical place, every corner of which is worthy of photo frames, offers a different beauty in every season.

Visiting Hours of Bellapais Monastery

Visiting Hours of Bellapais Monastery

How would you like to take a journey through history in the heart of Cyprus? Bellapais Monastery offers its guests flexibility not only with its architecture but also with the visiting hours. In the early morning, when the sun is just rising, you can breathe in the mystical air of the monastery, or at sunset, you can dive into the depths of history accompanied by the play of lights.

The visiting hours of Bellapais Monastery are usually from 09:00 in the morning until 7:00 p.m. However, these hours may vary depending on the season and special events. Therefore, it is useful to get up-to-date information before traveling to Cyprus. You'll lose track of time as you stroll through the peaceful gardens of the monastery, or take in the fine details of the gothic architecture.

Plan Your Trip to Cyprus

Are you ready to explore the captivating beauty of Cyprus? Then start planning to experience the unique view and tranquility of Bellapais Monastery Northern Cyprus. This historical site is one of the island's most important symbols, and you should definitely not leave without visiting it.

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