Cyprus Nightlife

Cyprus Nightlife: Top 6 Places

Cyprus nightlife is very colorful and entertaining. We have prepared this article for those who want to explore nightlife in Cyprus. You can start visiting Cyprus with our Cyprus car rental service.

Cyprus boasts a diverse and vibrant nightlife scene that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for bustling beach clubs, sophisticated bars, traditional tavernas with live music, or energetic nightclubs, Cyprus nightlife has something for everyone.

Known for its electrifying nightlife, Ayia Napa is home to some of the island's best beach clubs and bars. Clubs like Nissi Beach Bar and Makronissos Beach Club host famous DJs and beach parties, while bars along the Ayia Napa Strip offer cocktails and live music.

  • Limassol's coastline is dotted with beach bars and clubs like Guaba Beach Bar and Breeze Summer Club. These venues combine beautiful seafront locations with DJ sets and live performances.
  • In the picturesque town of Paphos, you can experience a more relaxed and traditional nightlife. Tavernas in the Old Town, like Ouzeri, offer live Greek music, dancing, and an authentic atmosphere.
  • Nicosia, the capital, offers a mix of experiences. Popular venues like "LOFT" and "Sky Lounge" feature live music and DJs, while bars and cafes in the Ledra Street area are perfect for a more relaxed evening.
  • Northern Cyprus nightlife is famous for its wine, and you can enjoy it in cozy wine bars across the island. Try the local varieties while savoring a laid-back evening.
  • Larnaca has its share of nightclubs like Ammos Beach Club and Summer Club, where you can dance the night away to the latest hits.

Cyprus boasts several casinos, such as City of Dreams Mediterranean in Limassol. You can enjoy gaming, live entertainment, and upscale bars within these establishments.

Cyprus hosts various themed events throughout the year, including music festivals, beach parties, and cultural celebrations. Keep an eye on the event calendar for unique Cyprus nightclubs and nightlife experiences.

Many towns and cities in Cyprus offer open-air cinemas during the summer months. It's a delightful way to watch a movie under the stars.

Cypriots often dine late, and many restaurants and eateries stay open into the early morning hours. Enjoy local cuisine or international fare after a night out.

Cyprus is generally considered a safe destination for nightlife, with a strong police presence. Taxis are readily available to ensure you get back to your accommodation safely.


Nicosia Entertainment Venues and Night Clubs

Zahra Coffee

Zahra Coffee

Located in the heart of Nicosia, on a quiet street, Zahra Kahve offers an unforgettable experience to coffee lovers. This cute cafe stands out not only with its delicious coffee but also with its peaceful atmosphere.

When you step into Zahra Kahve, you will encounter a warm atmosphere that surrounds you. This is an ideal place for those who want to drink a pleasant coffee alone or for those who want to meet with friends and have a good time.


Raw Pub Nicosia

Raw Pub Nicosia

Offering a pleasant atmosphere and a unique taste experience in the heart of Nicosia, Raw Pub stands out as one of the leading venues in the city. This modern and lively venue promises its guests both delicious food and a fun atmosphere.


Brasserie Chaglayan

Reflecting the elegance and elegance of the 1950s, Brasserie Chaglayan welcomes its guests with Art Deco details and carefully selected design elements. While the restoration process respectfully preserves the history of the place, a contemporary atmosphere has been created with modern touches.

Flavors from world cuisine expertly prepared by experienced chefs meet in the menu of Brasserie Chaglayan. While enjoying carefully presented meals in a stylish atmosphere, you can have pleasant moments with signature cocktails prepared in one of the special bars.


Kyrenia Entertainment Venues and Night Clubs

Harbour Cafe

Harbour Cafe

Located in Girne Harbor, Harbour Cafe offers a delightful atmosphere accompanied by live music. Here, you can enjoy your drink while savoring the music, without feeling the need to associate nightlife with loud music and dancing. You can have a fun and peaceful evening at Harbour Cafe, enjoying pleasant music from your seat.

Odyssey Club

Odyssey Club, where you can encounter the most colorful images of nightlife in Cyprus, attracts attention with its specially decorated indoor area and concept. The venue design, bearing traces of the Roman Period, combines with modern lights and music to offer an impressive experience.

The venue has two different areas: open and closed. Thanks to the valet service, there is no time wasted with parking space.

The program, which continues every night until the first light of the day, allows you to have a perfect night. This nightclub hosts concerts as well as DJ performances and also offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and delicious food.

Sky Bar Lord's Palace

Sky Bar Lord's Palace

Sky Bar has a terrace that offers the perfect panoramic view of Kyrenia. From here you can watch the breathtaking view of Kyrenia Harbour, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains. During sunset hours, this view turns into a painting and creates a perfect background for your romantic moments.


Eating and Drinking in Cyprus Nightlife

Cyprus is an island country with a rich food culture and offering different tastes. An eating and drinking experience in Cyprus offers the opportunity to taste both traditional Cypriot dishes and international cuisine.

Food in Cyprus is generally similar to Turkish cuisine. Seafood, lamb and olive oil dishes are very popular. You can try traditional Cypriot dishes in taverns and restaurants. There are also fast food restaurants and places serving international cuisine.

Kleftiko is one of the most famous dishes of Cypriot cuisine. Lamb meat is cooked for a long time with garlic, thyme and other spices, resulting in a delicious dish. Halloumi cheese, one of the famous flavors of Cyprus, is frequently consumed in the country and is generally suitable for grilled consumption. It can be preferred as an appetizer for dinner.


Thematic Night Entertainments in Cyprus

Thematic night entertainments and events in Cyprus are generally popular options for tourists during the summer months.

Some nightclubs and resorts organize night parties with specific themes. For example, themes such as a white-dress party, disco party, or foam party are popular.

Cyprus is famous for its coastal areas and beaches. During the summer months, beach parties are held in many beach bars. They can be filled with events such as live music, DJ performances, dance performances and fire shows.

Some restaurants and hotels organize traditional Cypriot nights. At these events, traditional Cypriot dishes are served and local dances and music are performed. Many music festivals and concerts are held in Cyprus during the summer months. These events host famous local and international artists.


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