Popular Beaches of Famagusta

Popular Beaches of Famagusta

Famagusta, a port city located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, becomes a favorite destination for holidaymakers during the summer months. This charming district can be described as a holiday paradise with its natural beauty and historical texture. Especially Famagusta Cyprus beaches have gained the admiration of visitors due to the cleanliness and clarity of the sea.

In this beautiful district, it is possible to discover a different beach on every shore. Some belong to private facilities, while others are under the control of hotels. However, if you want to make your vacation more intimate and natural, you can also prefer the public Cyprus beaches in the district. Since cleanliness is meticulously maintained here, you can enjoy pleasant moments with your family.

Among the beaches awaiting you in Famagusta are fantastic options like Fig Tree Beach, Glapsides Beach, Derinya Public Beach, Kalamies Beach, and Silver Beach. Watching the sunrise and sunset on these Cyprus beaches will be an unforgettable experience.

The warm atmosphere of Famagusta Cyprus and its hospitable people will surely make your vacation even more special. Each shore has a different story and color, and feeling a different naturalness and tranquility on each beach is inevitable. Exploring the enchanting texture of this district, following the traces of history, is like a journey through time. You can taste delicious meals at restaurants along the coast and take romantic walks in the evenings accompanied by the sound of the sea. The sunrise and sunset turn into a feast of colors that nourish your soul. Famagusta's beaches will not only offer beauty but also unforgettable memories with the emotions they evoke.

Glapsides Beach

Considered as the pearl of Famagusta, Glapsides Beach will allow you to fully enjoy a seaside vacation with its golden sand and crystal-clear sea. Located on the northwest coast of the city center, this beach is approximately 8 kilometers away from the city center. You can reach the beach by using your private vehicle or easily access it by Salamis minibuses departing from the city center.

Glapsides Beach is famous for its fine, golden sands like other beaches in Famagusta Cyprus. The sea here is quite shallow, providing a safe swimming environment especially for families with children. The restaurants and cafes lined up along the beach will crown your day of sea enjoyment with a delicious break.

Especially popular in June, July, and August, Glapsides Beach attracts attention with its calm and clear sea, bringing a soothing energy to your soul. Thanks to this natural beauty, you will experience happy and peaceful moments here.

Derinya Public Beach

Derinya Public Beach

Having a special place among the public Cyprus beaches, Derinya Public Beach is located approximately 8 kilometers away from the Famagusta Cyprus city center and is situated on the northeast coast of the island. You can reach the beach by using your private vehicle or consider using the coastal minibuses departing from the city center as another option.

Derinya Public Beach is located within the boundaries of the Maraş District where entries were prohibited for many years. However, following agreements, the beach was opened to the public in 2019 and hosts guests with 240 sun loungers.

There are also restaurants and buffets where you can meet your food and beverage needs at the beach. Operated by the municipality, the beach is open from 08:00 in the morning until 22:00 in the evening. This beach offers a pleasant and comfortable option for those looking for places to swim in Northern Cyprus.

Fig Tree Beach

Fig Tree Beach

Standing out among Famagusta beaches and popular spots, Fig Tree Beach is located approximately 20 kilometers southeast of the city center in Northern Cyprus. This wonderful beach will dazzle your eyes with its golden sands and crystal-clear sea. To reach this natural beauty, you can easily use minibuses departing from the city center, your private vehicle, or rented cars. For those who want to come by private or rented car, simply follow the main road located behind the Maraş District.

Fig Tree Beach will mesmerize you with its white sandy Cyprus beaches and crystal-clear waters. As this cove adorned with natural beauty often attracts tourists, it tends to be crowded. Therefore, going to the beach early will help you find sun loungers and umbrellas or enjoy the sea in a quieter environment.

The beach offers parking service as well as facilities such as places to meet your food and beverage needs, showers, and changing rooms. Fig Tree Beach is waiting for you as one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Cyprus.

Silver Beach

A popular spot among Famagusta beaches in North Cyprus, Silver Beach is located approximately 10 kilometers northeast of the city center. Accessible by private vehicles, rental cars, or minibuses, you can easily reach this area by following the northbound Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard until reaching the coastal road before Salamis.

Adjacent to the Salamis Ancient City, Silver Beach can be a refreshing stop between your cultural trips. The beach's shallow sea makes it safe for families and is generally less crowded compared to other beaches. Therefore, it is one of the recommended spots for a relaxing and safe holiday with your children.

There is also a restaurant within the beach area to meet your needs. This allows you to enjoy delicious meals while enjoying the sea with Cyprus weather.

Kalamies Beach

Kalamies Beach

Located approximately 17 kilometers from the Famagusta city center in North Cyprus, Kalamies Beach is one of the best beaches in terms of both visual and functional aspects. You can easily reach this beach by following the Derinköy road with your private vehicle or rental car, turning east at the intersection here. Alternatively, you can also reach this beautiful beach with Derinköy minibuses from the city center.

Kalamies Beach is one of the region's best beaches both visually and functionally. The white-blue chapel of this beach creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a Greek island and offers visitors a memorable view.

Generally preferred by couples, this beach not only provides a romantic atmosphere but also has services to help you have a quality time. You can enjoy delicious meals and drinks at the restaurants and cafes around the beach.

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Plan Your Trip to Famagusta

Plan Your Trip to Famagusta

It's time to start planning a wonderful holiday in Famagusta, North Cyprus. Especially to explore fantastic spots like Glapsides Beach, you will enjoy delightful moments with EuroDrive Cyprus rent a car Cyprus.

Famagusta, with its unique historical texture and natural beauty, is just one of the special places that will enchant you. In this district famous for its beaches, you will find an ideal environment to enjoy the sea and sun. Additionally, by freely exploring other beaches and historical sites in the surrounding area with EuroDrive Cyprus rent a car Cyprus, you can make the most of your vacation.

There are a few points to pay attention to when planning your trip. First, determine your accommodation preference and then identify the places to visit. Making early reservations for popular spots like Glapsides Beach is also another important factor.

To enjoy a comfortable and peaceful holiday in Famagusta with Cyprus weather, you can make the most of your travels with EuroDrive Cyprus rent a car Cyprus. If you're ready, pack your bags and hit the road to explore this magnificent city.

You're eager to explore Famagusta with EuroDrive Cyprus vehicles and rightly so because this charming district will leave you amazed. There's a different story and color on every street, every beach, and discovering these stories with EuroDrive rent a car Cyprus will be very enjoyable. Opting for local family-run accommodations will make your vacation more intimate and secure. Additionally, enjoying a gastronomic adventure filled with unforgettable flavors while enjoying the sea and sun is also a possibility with Cyprus weather.

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