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Places to Visit in Catalkoy, Cyprus: Where is Catalkoy?

Catalkoy North Cyprus, one of the favorite spots on the island, is located right next to Kyrenia and is one of the places you must visit during your Northern Cyprus holiday. Therefore, as you prepare for your Northern Cyprus vacation, make a list of the places you will visit and be sure to include Catalkoy North Cyprus on this list.

You may have questions about how to get there, we know. Don't worry, reaching Catalkoy is quite easy. After arriving in Kyrenia, you can reach this visually satisfying village with just a few minutes' drive. There are many places to visit waiting for you here.

If being in nature makes you happy, you will find peace and happiness here. For history enthusiasts, let us remind you that this place is also important historically.

Where is Catalkoy?

Where is Catalkoy? Thinking about visiting Catalkoy is a great choice related to your visit to Northern Cyprus because Catalkoy, Kyrenia, is one of the hidden treasures of Cyprus. Now, let's talk about where Catalkoy Cyprus is and how to get there.

Catalkoy Cyprus is a quiet town famous for its natural beauty located in Kyrenia. It is located in the north of the island and is only a few kilometers away from the city center of Kyrenia. Getting here is quite easy. If you are coming to Northern Cyprus by plane, you can consider taxi or car rental options after landing at Ercan Airport.

From Kyrenia Cyprus city center, you can easily reach Catalkoy North Cyprus by public transport, private vehicle, or rental car options. Among the public transport options are minibusses, which offer you flexible travel opportunities. While traveling from Kyrenia Cyprus to Catalkoy, explore other places along the way famous for their calm nature and historical richness to add a different dimension to your vacation.

Which Province is Catalkoy in?

The question of which province Catalkoy is in is quite curious. Catalkoy, Northern Cyprus, is a settlement unit belonging to the tourist and historically rich Kyrenia district of Northern Cyprus. This charming town is located in the northern part of the island, in a place that carries echoes of the calm atmosphere and natural beauty of Kyrenia district.

De jure, the town is part of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, but de facto, it is located within the boundaries of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The history of Catalkoy Cyprus in Kyrenia district dates back to a population census conducted during the Ottoman period in 1831. At that time, a significant part of the village's population consisted of Muslims. However, this ratio decreased during the British administration. The village has been a place where different communities have lived throughout its historical process. Until 1958, there was also a neighborhood where Cypriot Turks lived, but the village underwent changes due to social conflicts in subsequent years.

Today, Catalkoy Cyprus is a place that stands out with its historical and cultural richness. Within the village borders, there is an important place of visit for Muslims like the Hz. Omar Tekke. In addition, with the settlement of Turkish Cypriot immigrants after 1974 and the increasing tourism in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the population, and the village has gained the status of a town. Catalkoy is like a vibrant representative of Cyprus' cultural and historical heritage.

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Cyprus Catalkoy Beaches

Cyprus Catalkoy Beaches

If you are curious about the beaches in maps Catalkoy, we would like to offer you a wonderful list. The Catalkoy region, affiliated with Kyrenia, adorned with the magnificent nature of Cyprus, will captivate you with its unique beaches. Among the beaches in maps Catalkoy, Kyrenia, Lara Beach in Northern Cyprus, Vogue Beach Club, Shayna Beach, and Baris Beach stand out as magnificent options.

Lara Beach in Northern Cyprus is like a dream beach with its clear sea and warm sands. Vogue Beach Club could be the choice of young holidaymakers with its modern concept and fun activities. Shayna Beach, with its natural beauty, may be the favorite of those looking for a peaceful atmosphere, while Baris Beach is an ideal option for families.

Cyprus Lara Beach

Cyprus Lara Beach

Lara Beach, one of the standout natural beauties in Catalkoy, Kyrenia district, is like a natural wonder. The feature of this beach is that it hosts Lara Bay and is also known as Turtle Beach. Between May and August, turtles living in Lara Bay come to these beaches, carefully protected by the Turtle Conservation Station, to lay their eggs.

An exciting adventure begins for those who want to explore the natural beauties around the beach. While swimming in the fast and high waves of the sea can be a bit challenging here, walking along the beach and enjoying the local natural beauties will be a memorable experience with beautiful Catalkoy weather.

Infrastructure services are limited at Lara Bay, so it is important to bring drinking water and food with you. Access to the beach may be limited in summer, so it is recommended to visit with organized trips. However, the natural beauties and peace offered by this unique beach are definitely worth the effort for anyone.

Cyprus Vogue Beach Club

Vogue Beach Club, one of the most special addresses to enjoy the azure sea and sun in Northern Cyprus, will have an important place in your holiday. This place is not just a beach but also an excellent combination of entertainment and relaxation.

Vogue Beach Club has a wide beach area offering various activities. You can spend full time swimming in the sea, sunbathing, and engaging in water sports. You can also relax on comfortable loungers, cool off with tropical cocktails, and enjoy delicious meals.

Here, not only day visits but also night parties and events are organized. You will reach the peak of entertainment with live music performances, themed parties, and DJ shows.

Shayna Beach

Shayna Beach

Shayna Beach is a peaceful and tranquil escape for those who want to enjoy the sea and sand with beautiful Catalkoy weather. This beach, with its clear blue sea and fine sands, will give you peace.

With its wide beach area equipped with comfortable loungers and umbrellas, you will spend enjoyable moments with your loved ones and relieve the stress of the whole year.

The cafes and restaurants near the beach can meet your needs with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. You can find everything you need while enjoying the sea.

Baris Beach

Baris Beach

Are you ready to add a new discovery route to Northern Cyprus' beauties? Baris Beach, which stands out with its natural and historical values, is one of the favorite spots in Northern Cyprus. It takes its name from its significant role in the Northern Cyprus Peace Operation. This beach not only attracts attention with its beauty but also with its historical texture.

Baris Beach dazzles with its clear and blue waters, leaving every visitor in awe. The peace you will feel while walking on its fine sands will make your holiday moments even more special. It is prominent both for its quietness during weekdays and liveliness during weekends.

This beach offers enjoyable moments separately for families with children and couples with its wide beach area. Moreover, you can easily spend your entire holiday here with the food and beverages offered by the facility. Baris Beach is an ideal choice for anyone looking to explore the unique beauties of Northern Cyprus.

Plan Your Cyprus Catalkoy Trip

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