Ruins of Salamis and Its History

Ruins of Salamis and Its History

Salamis was founded in the 11th century BC and became a centre ruled by various civilisations, including the Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and many others. Its ancient theatre, with its stone seats exuding a historical aura, still stands, preserving its historical texture. During the ancient Roman period, the games and events held here made it a place where people gathered and enjoyed themselves.

The impressive Salamis Ruins are filled with remains, such as villas adorned with mosaics, agora squares, temples, and thermal baths. Once bustling with people, these streets now quietly bear the traces of memories within their stone walls. The seaside baths offer an ideal spot to watch the sunset.

When you visit Salamis Ruins, you will notice the splendour of villas adorned with mosaics. Agoras were centres where people gathered for conversations and trade. Temples reflected the religious life of ancient times. The thermal baths were significant spots for health and vitality.

One of the most impressive structures of this ancient city is its ancient theatre. With its stone seats and magnificent stage, it once hosted games and events, creating a pleasant atmosphere for people to gather.

Where Are the Ruins of Salamis?

Where are the Ruins of Salamis

Where are Salamis Ruins Cyprus located? These mysterious ruins are hidden in a particular corner of Cyprus, accompanied by a gentle breeze along the Mediterranean coast. Intertwined with history, this ancient city holds the stories of thousands of years between its stones.

Salamis Ancient City is about 6 km north of Famagusta, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is situated in the basin where the Pedios River flows into the sea, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains. Among these stones lie legends, periods ruled by kings, and traces of life.

It would not be wrong to say that Salamis Ruins are filled with remains from the Roman period. In its ancient theatre, you can imagine the shows of that era and feel the enthusiasm of the people of that time while sitting on its stone seats.

Salamis Ruins Cyprus, dating back to the 11th century BC, was reportedly founded by King Salamis. The altar of Zeus, Agora Square, and the Roman villa remain here, forming a bridge to the past's story.

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The Story of the Ruins of Salamis

The Story of the Ruins of Salamis

Imagine... Salamis ancient city awaits, hidden like a treasure in a fairy tale. These ruins are reflections that reveal Cyprus's mysterious and enchanting history.

If you are willing to travel back in time, you will feel the breath of the past at Salamis Ruins Cyprus. The traces of ancient Greek and Roman periods are hidden under every stone. This was the heart of trade and cultural interaction.

And, of course, its location by the sea makes it even more special. Watching the sunset makes you feel like time has stopped. Salamis Ruins Cyprus are not just about history; they represent a unique blend of nature and history.

Entrance Fee to the Ruins of Salamis


Entrance Fee to the Ruins of SalamisThe entrance fee to Salamis Ruins is 50 Turkish lira for adult visitors and 20 Turkish lira for students.

But here's an important detail: these fees are a symbolic payment to explore this magnificent historical heritage because the experience you will have at Salamis Ruins is priceless. You feel the spirit of ancient times, breathing in the unique atmosphere where history and nature merge, which is truly an invaluable experience.

Suppose you're wondering where Salamis Ruins Cyprus are located. They are located near Famagusta in Cyprus, so transportation is relatively easy. You can easily reach them by car or public transit and explore this magnificent historical area. If you're ready to visit Salamis Ruins, we recommend bringing water and comfortable walking shoes.

Visiting Hours for the Ruins of Salamis

Visiting Hours for the Ruins of Salamis

We have one more important piece of information to help you get one step closer to Cyprus's mysterious history: the visiting hours of Salamis Ruins!

Salamis Ancient City is open every day of the week. During the winter months, it welcomes visitors from 08.00 in the morning until 3.30 p.m., and during the summer months, from 08.00 in the morning until 7.00 p.m. Whether you want to explore the early morning tranquillity or get enchanted by the ancient city's charm at sunset, Salamis Ruins Cyprus is waiting for you.

The visiting hours of this ancient city are not just a schedule determined by time; they also offer an opportunity to take a historical journey. Walking in the early morning silence, following the traces of the ancient city, allows you to get lost in the magic of the past.

We'd like to remind you where Salamis Ruins is located. The location of the ruins is quite impressive as well. Being near Famagusta City makes transportation more accessible, allowing visitors arriving by car to visit without parking issues easily.

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