Souvenirs to Buy from Cyprus

Souvenirs to Buy from Cyprus

Cyprus offers a diverse and vibrant shopping scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you're interested in traditional Cypriot crafts, modern fashion, or delicious local delicacies, you'll find an abundance of options to explore. 

What is Cyprus famous for? What to buy from Cyprus? What is cheaper in Cyprus? What to buy in Cyprus? You will find the answers to these questions in this place.


Places to Shop in Cyprus

Places to Shop in Cyprus

Northern Cyprus, a gem of the Mediterranean, offers much more than just beautiful beaches and historical sites. This enchanting part of the island boasts a thriving shopping scene, where you can find a unique blend of traditional bazaars, modern malls, and quaint boutiques. Whether you're in search of authentic souvenirs, stylish fashion, or local delicacies, Northern Cyprus has it all. In this article, we'll take you on a shopping journey through the best places to shop in this splendid region.


Nicosia's Old Town

Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus, is home to an enchanting Old Town where you can find traditional Cypriot products. Stroll down Ledra Street and explore charming boutiques offering local crafts, handmade jewelry, and souvenirs. Remember to visit the Buyuk Han, a historic caravanserai turned into a cultural center. 


Kyrenia Harbour

Kyrenia, a picturesque coastal town, is famous for its stunning harbor and charming streets. Along the waterfront, you'll discover a myriad of shops selling everything from handmade pottery and textiles to unique jewelry. It's the perfect place to find souvenirs that capture the essence of Northern Cyprus.


Arasta Bazaar in Famagusta

Famagusta's Arasta Bazaar is a hidden gem for those seeking traditional Cypriot goods. This bustling market is teeming with stalls selling colorful textiles, aromatic spices, and a variety of local sweets. The bazaar is a sensory delight, offering an authentic experience of Cypriot culture.


Modern Malls

If you prefer a more contemporary shopping experience, Northern Cyprus has you covered with modern shopping malls. The City Mall in Nicosia and the Elexus Mall in Kyrenia are well-equipped with international and local brands. Here, you can indulge in fashion, electronics, and exquisite dining options.


Lefkara Village

Lefkara is a quaint, picturesque village known for its traditional lacework, or "Lefkaritika." The delicate lace is handcrafted by local women and has been a tradition for generations. In Lefkara, you can purchase unique lace products, as well as intricately embroidered linens and local silverware.


Local Food Markets

Exploring local food markets is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Northern Cypriot culture. Try the Girne Market, where you can savor delicious olives, cheeses, and freshly baked bread. Don't forget to sample the region's famous halloumi cheese and delight in a variety of local produce.


Gifts to Buy from Cyprus

Gifts to Buy from Cyprus

Cyprus, with its rich history and diverse culture, offers an array of delightful souvenirs and gifts that encapsulate the island's unique character. Whether you're looking for a memento of your visit or seeking a thoughtful present for friends and family, Cyprus has a treasure trove of options. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular and authentic gifts to buy from this Mediterranean paradise.


Lefkaritika Lace

Lefkaritika Lace

Lefkaritika lace is a traditional Cypriot craft that has been passed down through generations. Named after the village of Lefkara, where it originated, this intricate lacework is known for its delicate designs and timeless beauty. When you visit Cyprus, you can purchase handmade lace tablecloths, doilies, and other decorative items. These exquisite pieces make for elegant and unique gifts.


Cyprus Ceramics and Pottery

Cyprus is renowned for its vibrant ceramics and pottery, often adorned with traditional patterns and motifs. From colorful plates and bowls to intricately designed vases and figurines, hand-painted ceramics are an excellent gift choice. They not only add a touch of Mediterranean charm to any home but also serve as a reminder of your visit to Cyprus.


Cyprus Wines and Turkish Delights

Cyprus boasts a delectable array of culinary delights that make for fantastic gifts. The island's olive oil is of exceptional quality, so consider purchasing a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil infused with local herbs or spices. You can also find Cypriot wine, carob syrup, and an assortment of traditional sweets, such as loukoumi (Turkish delight) and pastelli (honey and sesame bars). These edible souvenirs are bound to please food enthusiasts.


Liquors and Cigarettes 

Ouzo and Zivania are iconic Cypriot alcoholic beverages. Ouzo, an anise-flavored aperitif, is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Zivania, a potent grape-based spirit, is another traditional choice. You can find these drinks and aromatic cigarettes in beautifully designed bottles, making them great gifts for those who appreciate fine liquors.


Natural Stone Accessories 

Cypriot silversmiths are celebrated for their skill in creating intricate, high-quality natural stone accessories. You can find a wide range of pieces, from rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings. Many natural stone stores offer contemporary designs inspired by Cypriot culture, incorporating symbols like the evil eye.


Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnets are beloved keepsakes from any travel adventure, and Cyprus offers a delightful selection to choose from. These small yet meaningful souvenirs capture the island's diverse beauty, reflecting its natural and cultural wonders. From picturesque landscapes featuring the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean to iconic landmarks like the Kyrenia Castle or Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus fridge magnets make for wonderful souvenirs of your journey.


Handmade Towels 

Cypriot handmade towels, known for their exceptional quality and intricate designs, are more than just functional pieces of fabric; they are works of art that reflect the island's artisanal traditions. Made from soft, absorbent materials, these towels are a true testament to Cypriot craftsmanship.

What sets these towels apart is their hand-embroidered patterns, often featuring Cypriot motifs, geometric designs, and vibrant colors. 


Handcrafted Woven Rugs 

Cyprus is renowned for its handcrafted woven rugs, which are deeply rooted in the island's history and traditions. These rugs are made using traditional techniques, and each one tells a story through its intricate patterns, colors, and craftsmanship. They are a symbol of Cypriot culture and are often passed down through generations.


Easily Reach Places to Shop in Cyprus

Easily Reach Places to Shop in Cyprus

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