What to Eat in TRNC

Cyprus Cuisine: What to Eat in TRNC?

Imagine the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia. That's where the TRNC sits, and it’s precisely why Cypriot cuisine is such a fabulous mishmash of flavors. Here, the olives are slightly tangier, the seafood is straight from the blue waters, and the herbs? Just wait until you taste them!

What to Eat in Northern Cyprus?

What to Eat in Northern Cyprus

You'll be greeted with open arms and plates piled high with the best food of Cyprus. It's a place where each meal is a celebration, where friends become family over a shared table. So, what's on the menu? Let's dig in!

Strap in, my friend, because you’re about to embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Cyprus cuisine.

In Northern Cyprus, every dish has a backstory, and the flavors are as varied as the island’s landscapes. From seaside cafes to mountain taverns, the food of Cyprus is a palatable passport to the island's rich heritage.

Have you ever tried Kleftiko? It's the stuff of legend! This slow-roasted lamb will have you swooning over its tender, herb-infused goodness. It's the poster child for traditional food in Cyprus — simple ingredients slow-cooked to perfection.

And as the evening breeze cools the day, why not tuck into some homemade Cyprus Meatballs? Or maybe some Piruhi, those delightful little pasta pockets that are a Cypriot hug in food form.

Halloumi Pastry

If there’s a starter kit to Cyprus cuisine, Halloumi Pastry has got to be in it. Golden, flaky, and oozing with the goodness of Halloumi cheese – it's a warm welcome to the island’s flavors.

Why Halloumi Pastry is a Must-Try

This isn't just cheese in bread. It’s a tradition, a bite of sunshine, and a perfect start to any Cypriot feast.

Cyprus Meatballs

Cyprus Meatballs

The Special Taste of Cyprus Meatballs

Let me tell you about Cyprus Meatballs. These little gems are packed with a mix of minced meat and a blend of local spices that’ll dance on your taste buds.

How do Cyprus Meatballs Differ from Others? It's like Cyprus in a bite — rich, diverse, and utterly unforgettable. After tasting them, regular meatballs just won't cut it.


Now, for something a little different – Molehiya. This green leafy stew is love at first taste. It’s one of those traditional food in Cyprus dishes that has been passed down through generations.

More than just a meal, Molehiya is a cultural tapestry woven with the threads of Cypriot history and shared at tables for centuries. It’s comfort food that comforts the soul.


Last but not least, think of these as Cypriot dumplings stuffed with all the good stuff — cheese, meat, or veggies.

Making Piruhi is like a family event here. It’s about creating something delicious together and enjoying the fruits of your labor with laughter and good conversation.

So, there you have it. The TRNC is a treasure trove of tastes, where Cyprus cuisine is not just about the amazing flavors but the moments and memories you make while enjoying it. Dive into the Cypriot cuisine, savor every bite, and let the island's spirit fill you up. And remember, in Cyprus, every meal is not just food; it’s a story waiting to be told.


Have you ever heard of Pilavuna? It's this incredible bread that's a staple in Cyprus cuisine. Imagine a bread about filling up and savouring a piece of history with every bite. That's Pilavuna for you!

Made with halloumi or anari cheese and sometimes with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, Pilavuna is a celebration of simplicity and flavor. It’s a traditional food in Cyprus that locals love, and visitors quickly come to adore. It’s perfect for breakfast or any time you want a delicious, hearty snack.


Moving on to another gem in the treasure chest of Cypriot cuisine — Kolakas. Have you ever craved something warm, comforting, and even earthy?

This dish is all about the earthy goodness of taro root, cooked until it’s just the right amount of tender. It's a humble veggie that transforms into a dish that feels like a warm hug when prepared the Cypriot way. Dishes like this show how the food of Cyprus can turn simple ingredients into something extraordinary.

Cretan-style Çullama

Now, let’s take a culinary sidestep to the island of Crete with a Cypriot twist — the Cretan-style Çullama. It’s a little like a stew, but to call it just a stew would be selling it short.

This dish is a symphony of meat, usually lamb or goat, marinated in a medley of Cypriot spices and simmered until the flavors sing harmoniously. It’s a testament to the food of Cyprus — always rich, robust, and downright delicious.



If you haven't had this, you're missing out. It’s not just a dish; it’s a culinary event. Traditionally cooked in a sealed oven, Kleftiko is lamb that’s been marinated in garlic, lemon, and a blend of herbs, then left to cook slowly until it's so tender it practically melts off the bone.

This is the heart and soul of Cyprus cuisine. It’s about patience, about the slow melding of flavors that creates something you can't help but fall in love with. Remember, good things come to those who wait, and Kleftiko is one of the best things.

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